Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1, 2012 - Feeling Far Away

Thank you to blog followers for reading up on Kyle and sending many well wishes.  The little guy and his family still have a long road ahead of them but he seems to be getting stronger everyday, which is truly a blessing.  It is hard to be so far away from home when there is an emergency like Kyle's, or when there is a big celebration like my cousin's wedding this past Saturday.  I wish I could easily be home to help my sister in some way, or that I could have been on the dance floor with my very fun relatives.  That is a downside to living here, for sure, and you can be sure we are making plans to get home to both Denmark and the US for a visit ASAP.

Life in Dar has been pretty much status quo lately, full of work (full time for Kristoffer, part time for me at school for a few hours most days) and birthday parties (we hosted one for Kristoffer and have been attending one every weekend for Grace's friends!) and sibling goofing around mixed with sibling competing-for-Mama's-attention.  Grace is taking swimming lessons now and swam in the ocean by herself for the first time yesterday; maybe she was really just floating but, trust me, this was a very big deal for her.  She was incredibly proud of herself as she paddled around squealing, "I can do it *self! Mama you're not holding me!" Noah is talking more and more and continues to [try to] emulate absolutely everything his sister does. I think we should be worried that very often the second thing he says in the morning is "Bye Bad"...translation: i-Pad!  (and the first thing is usually Far, or sometimes Mama).

Our weather is getting hotter, of which I am not a fan, but otherwise I feel like the kids are in a great routine in our daily life (minus the too-early wake ups...but really we've lost hope that they will ever sleep after 5:50 am on a regular basis). I am working on a project for their school to create a library space and establish a "library day" routine for the children.  They had a great system at Grace's school in Nairobi and I am hoping to just modify it to fit this school community. The administrators and many other parents seem very supportive of my idea so we'll see how it all turns out.

Here are a few new pictures of Grace and Noah these days...

Noah rearranges as much as he can of the kitchen on a daily basis.

Birthday party fun.

 At Far's birthday party...eating cake with her besties.
And notice that from the back Grace is sporting braids these days.

 This was the cake...I should have taken a picture of it when it was whole and not upside down!
 It was a Happy Hour feast. The "Happy" drink tables were outside.

 Masks from a birthday goodie bag.  Getting ready for Halloween?
 At the school's "sports day".  The ladies sporting Olympic Gold Medals.   Noah was sleeping :)
Tall girl.

 Saturday morning paint project.

 But I forgot to take an "after" picture.  Next time!


*Grace says "self" instead of "myself" or "by myself" because that is how you say it in Danish.  I keep trying to get her to say "by myself" when she speaks English but she keeps translating it directly.  She also never says "only" in English and instead uses the Danish word "kun" in both languages.

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I have one daughter and her name is Xixi,i feel differences in educating kids and I believe some of them will be helpful for my daughter, oh, she is 2 n half years old. Finally best wishes to your family.