Best of Dar

~ This page is accurate (based on my opinion, of course!) as of January 2016. ~

We exclusively go to ISTClinic  at +255-(0)22-2601307 located on Ruvu Street on the Msasani Peninsula next to the International School of Tanganyika (IST) Secondary Campus.  This is an internationally approved clinic with both local and international doctors; for major emergencies or conditions that they can’t handle, they will have you evacuated to Kenya or South Africa. 

Restaurants & Other Food
  • Best Pizza or Italian: Zuane  (Bella Napoli is a decent #2 and is open on Sunday which is an important day for pizza access in our family.  Zuana is closed on Sundays.)
  • Best Thai: Thai Kani, Kahama Rd, Msasani Peninsula 
  • Best Indian: There is a lot!  In townis really the best place to go: Upanga Club or Badminton Club or Alcove.  On the peninsula, however, Flames is a good option (but it is much more expensive).  Go to Upanga Club for Friday night Bingo if you want to try something fun while have an inexpensive meal!
  • Best Ethiopian: Addis in Dar
  • Best Brunch: Karembezi Café at Seacliff 
  • Best Ice Cream: Caesar’s Café at the Deli at Oysterbay Shopping Center (their coffee ice cream is amazing!) OR the gelato from Bella Napoli OR the ice cream from Epidor (Epidor is partially awesome - great food and playground! - but the service is usually pretty terrible.)
  • Best Fish: I think really hard-core fish eaters go to the proper fish market or have a supplier from there…for a restaurant try the Waterfront at Slipway.
  • Best Butcher:  The Butcher Shop 
  • Best Fruit & Veg: this is a tough one!  Local, small “dukas” or shops will be less expensive than any official stores and it is great to support local Tanzanians.  But Garden Market has great quality (not the cheapest) and availability. 
  • Best Overall Café:  Dar has so many to choose from!  Woodberry Café  or Caesar's Cafe at the Deli would be my favorites.  
  • Best Burger: Veggie OR Beef!  Black Tomato, either in town or in Oysterbay Shopping Center.
  • Best Overall Dessert: Zuane for their chocolate tortino 
  • The Peninsula's Best Kept Secret: Alexander's Hotel has amazing food.  It is a small boutique hotel restaurant.  Service is slow because everything is made super fresh on order - so you have to go in for a long, leisurely evening. They have a great bar and wine cellar and their food is really good, with a matching price tag. It is a quiet, romantic escape - you don't feel like you're in the middle of the peninsula because it is very tucked away.
Grocery stores
Overall, Dar now has so many.  There are the "original" chains - Shrijees (3 on the peninsula and several throughout town) and Shoppers Plaza (3 total: on the peninsula, in Mikocheni, and in Mbezi Beach).  Now we also have two Village Supermarkets (one at Seacliff and one close to IST Secondary campus) and a Food Lovers Market (South African Chain). Facebook: there are many groups!  I run one called “Expat Parents in Dar” (EPD) which is supposed to be to help people arriving to and leaving Dar.  Another popular (although less-regulated) group is called Team Tanzania.  There are many different FB groups for schools, sports, activities, etc. Even in EPD I keep a list of other Dar FB groups.

Gift Shopping:
  • Oysterbay Shopping Center is home to restaurants like Caesar's Cafe/The Deli and Black Tomato but also has shopping like Moyo and Ngozee Leather which are great places to buy gifts.
  • Mabinti Centre, not far from Shoppers Mikocheni, Mabinti trains young women recovering from fistula surgery in screen-printing, sewing, beading and crochet.  They are known for their bags, baskets, table mats, and pillow cases.  Very unique batik designs.  Love this place!  Support this cause!
  • Wonder Workshop sells hip recycled art!
  • Slipway is a hotel complex that has restaurants, cafes, and shops.  The peninsula's only proper book shop, A Novel Idea, is located here along with The Green Room, which sells unique "beach style" furniture and home decor, along various gifts from local artisans.  Green Room goods are very popular in these parts. 
  • Handmade from Tanzania for beautiful textiles.
  • Zito Living for incredible wood furniture - we had a whole dining room set made from here!
Self-Hire Driver/Taxi: Michael at +255 756 448 060

Internet: Bell Communications at +255 787 776 878

Hair Dresser/Nail Salon: Le Coupe Salon at Slipway (go to Brandon, the South African guy) or Danish Hair Design (Zai is the owner and she’s great).

We can easily recommend:


Anonymous said...

How is the new braeburn Tanzania school?

The Welsien Family said...

I don't have any personal experience with the school but I have heard it is lovely. Sorry, that's about all I can say!

Simon Mnyele said...

There is a pretty good private tutoring agency called Premium Tutors.. here is a link to their profile in Zoom Tanzania: