Saturday, June 20, 2015

June 20, 2015 - Fourth and Final Nordic School Circus

This year we saw the Nordic School Circus for the last time.  As always it was a very sweet way to end the year.  Noah's performed as a circus dog - specifically, a Dalmatian.  He took his role very seriously. Especially because he knew he would get a "treat" at the end :)

You can see his cute little dog act below.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Grace and her best friend Mattias attempted a stand-up comedy act.  It had to do with singing "the itsy bitsy spider" in different languages...Mattias (who is Swedish) started off in Danish and Grace (who is Danish) started off in Swedish and then they ended up in English.  I thought they were going to through Norwegian or Kiswahili in there but that didn't quite happen.  People were a little bit unsure of what was going on, but Grace and Mattias thought they were hilarious so that was great. And they clearly did not have stage fright! See below...

At the end there was the annual singing of both the Swedish National Anthem and the Tanzanian National Anthem (almost my favorite part).  I wished Kristoffer had been here for it, but he was in Uganda.  I was reminded of last year when Noah performed for the first time (the year before he would not!) and how it was the first time we had Aya out in Dar at 6 weeks old.  This time she sat in my lap, rocking to the music and wondering why exactly her nap was interrupted for this crazy show!

And with that, we say goodbye to the Nordic School.  
We wish you all the best.

Friday, June 19, 2015

June 19, 2015 - Hello, Again / School's Out Part 2

And then it was Noah's turn to finish up his school year.  This was Noah's third year at Nordic School.   He actually could stay for one more year since he can't start kindergarten until 2016, but we realized that he is ready for a change (and, frankly, so are we).  So he "graduated" from Nordic instead and we won't be at that school anymore next year.  We had a great 3 1/2 years there for the most part and have a lot of fond memories.  He took the news of this transition well and has already started summer camp at his new school, Reader Rabbits.  We're on Day 4, and so far so good.  And we're also happy that one of his good friends from Nordic will also be at his new school in August.  

But to finish up at Nordic School, Noah was all smiles.  He is really a sweet, happy kid and had a great last day in the Nordic community.  

With Elisabeth, who has been a fantastic teacher for both Grace and Noah over the years.
In circle time with sweet Karla.
Holding hands with Karla AND Maya :)
Singing a crocodile song...
The ceremony, where departing children receive a Nordic School medal and a book of pictures from their classmates.  This is a very special tradition that all children look forward to.

Noah with his best buds, Helena and Maya.
We were so grateful this year that there was a male teacher in Noah's class. Rasmus and Noah had a great bond and I think will miss each other.

Cheers to Noah!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

June 18, 2015 - Hello, Again / School's Out Part 1

Oh My!  It would appear that I have abandoned my new year's resolution to blog more often.  Ugh.  I'm so sorry.  I actually really love writing blogs, but the past few months have been tough over here and it's no fun to just write what I feel are constant complaints.  Kristoffer has travelled a lot this year,  and every time he travels the children (all of them) get sick!  When he traveled in May I think I was at the clinic 7 out of 8 days in a row at one point.  And it is peak malaria season so we're a little bit over-sensitive to fevers and headaches, I would say.  In addition to the travel and the sickness, Aya is still pretty miserable at night.  Although last night she slept for 10 hours straight and one time a couple of weeks ago she did 9 hours.  That is a big deal in this house!  And throughout much of this there was a poisonous snake infestation on our compound, and there were broken air conditioners and cars and water pumps. So in summary, I've been exhausted and when I'm really exhausted it also makes me more homesick for America and my family and access to all of the modern/developed-world conveniences that I miss.  We are not roughing it over here, by any means, but I get a little down-in-the-dumps about East Africa when there is a run of things not going well.  So I'm sorry for my absence and would like to say HELLO, again.

These days we are already on summer holiday.  The kids finished up last week.  First, it was Grace's turn.  She had a fantastic class party, which was also a little sad because it was a very "together" group of kindergartners who had a great year under a truly phenomenal teaching team.  We will miss Miss Amanda and Miss Nsia so much next year.  The day after the class party was her last day of school.  So hard to believe our 6-year-old will be in "Grade 1" next year!  

Grace's class "Got Talent" show...she got an award for best smile!

 Our carpool crew!
Party Picnic!

 Hey...this one looks a wee bit young for KG!

Last Day:

Years down the line, when I think of Grace at age 6 having had this wonderful first year of formal school at IST in Dar es Salaam, this is the picture I will always remember.