Saturday, October 27, 2012

October 27, 2012 - Chicken Pot Pie

So we have once again descended further into the world of "it won't be like this when you move back home..." by hiring a cook again.  You might remember Syprose from our Nairobi days.  She came one day every week, did a big shop and then made 6 meals that we would freeze and eat throughout the week (all for the hefty price of $12.50 a day).  And while we have been really happy to have only one staff person here in Dar (trusty Rose, that is), I do really miss having someone help with the cooking.  Rose occasionally makes us African food for dinner, which is nice, but just a few times a month.  She is too busy with other responsibilities to be a full time cook - but so am I (considering how long it takes to do everything here)!  So our new guy, Kennie, works at a local restaurant during the day - within walking of our house - and comes to us 3 evenings a week to make dinner.  We plan menus, I shop, he cooks.  

He is more expensive than Syprose ($27 a week) BUT is also a better cook than she was with a lot more experience (he used to work at luxury safari camp and some restaurants and for other expats) AND he is so low-maintenance (which Syprose was not).  He and Rose get along really well and he is teaching her to cook many of the dishes he makes.  He makes really fresh food and seems to be honoring our preferences really well.

I think he has made 10 meals for us so far this month and they have all been really good.  His BEST meal so far was pot pie - chicken for me, vegetarian for Kristoffer.  It was the most delicious chicken pot pie I have ever eaten.  It was so good that I was incredibly sad when the meal was over and I haven't stopped thinking about it since Thursday (tonight we had carrot soup with salad and homemade bread rolls-also delicious!).  We are really happy that we hired him because it is nice to get a break from our usual meal cycle, and when I start working again next week it will make my life a lot easier. 

Yeah for Kennie!  And here's to enjoying the perks of this lifestyle for as long we can :)

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