Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October 2, 2012 - Tiger Lady

Big Girl Grace has had a lot of accoplishments lately.  In addition to swimming in the ocean by herself, she can open up the refrigerator by herself and can almost always get properly dressed by herself. We attempted a nap time "sleepover" for the first time with her friend Solveig the other day. They didn't actually go to sleep, although they were quiet and resting for awhile, but it was a solid first attempt. She just has an air of independence about her (which Noah THINKS he also has but that sometimes gets him into trouble...).  And, for the first time at a birthday party this past weekend Grace decided to get her face painted.  We've tried many times before but she was strongly against it.  This time she was so eager and had a lot of fun (although did promptly wash it all off by herself as soon as we got home).

Allow me to present, the making of the Tiger Lady...

Tiger Friends! They proceeded to run all around roaring at and "scaring" the villagers :)


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