Best of Nairobi

I've been meaning to add this page to our blog for ages.  It is really my list of contacts that families arriving to Nairobi might find useful OR that people traveling here might need in a pinch.  There are probably lots of great places or contacts that fit into each category throughout Nairobi, these are just the ones we like, often based on quality, price (or bang for your buck) and proximity to where we live (north of the highway). The list is accurate as of October 2011 and all phone numbers are as dialed within Nairobi.  I will try to update it as I think of other useful contacts or recommendations.

  • Pediatrician: Sidney Nesbitt, Gertrude's Children's Hospital - 072 251 9863
  • OB/GYN: Rachel Rukaria, Aga Khan University - 020 366 2784
  • General Practitioner/Cardiologist: David Silverstein, Nairobi Hospital -- 020 272 1233
  • Dentist - Swedish Dental Clinic: 072 264 8300 or Dr. Griffiths - 020 444 3391
  • Radiology/Ultrasound: MP Shah Hospital - 020 374 2763

Restaurants & Other Food
  • Best Pizza or Italian: Mediteraneo, at Junction, in Westlands, and now also in Gigiri
  • Best Thai: Thai Chi, at the Stanley Hotel in town. Pricey, but worth it.  Small, quiet, great service. Food is delicious!
  • Best Indian: Haandi, at the Westlands Mall
  • Best General Dinner or African-fare: Tamambo, at the Westlands Mall
  • Best Brunch: Talisman, in Karen
  • Best Milkshakes: Art Cafe or Zen Garden
  • Best Ice Cream: Planet Yogurt, at Junction or Westgate.  And really, it is frozen yogurt - but amazing!
  • Best Fish Market: Aloha, in Westlands
  • Best Butcher:  Gilani's, at ABC Place
  • Best Fruit & Veg: this is a tough one!  For best prices, you have to go to a hawker's market (we have gone to the one on Limuru Rd by City Park), but for great quality at higher prices Zucchini is great.  Nakumatt does not sell great quality produce, and the prices are high.
  • Birthday Cake or other speciality cakes: Renata in Loresho - 072 271 6345

Online Resources

  • For moms, the Facebook group called "Kilimani Mums Nairobi" is THE BEST.  Really very helpful for references, baby advice, stuff, etc.
  • is a great "marketplace" to learn about what's going on in Nairobi, to buy or sell items, or to look for a reference (need a nanny, housekeeper, etc.).
  • tells you what's going on culturally in Nairobi, and also for business contacts, travel deals and stuff like that.
  • for restaurant reviews and menus

"African" Shopping
These days it is not a bad idea to avoid the traveling Masai Market (appearing at a different mall  around Nairobi almost every day of the week) because of security reasons, even though that is a fun experience to have.  If you want to shop more cautiously, two great shops are:

  • Spinner's Web off Peponi Road: they have almost 200 vendors and consignees selling really the "best of" Kenyan handcrafts, pottery, jewelry, decor, and clothing. Recently renovated to be more spacious and organized, it is a lovely place to shop for local gifts.  It is more expensive than the Masai Market, but the quality is better so the tradeoff is worth it.  
  • Amani ya Juu off Riverside Drive: "a sewing and reconciliation project for marginalized women in Africa".  Their quilts, placemats, bags, toys, and other handmade products are WONDERFUL. Really one of my favorite places to shop in all of Nairobi.  You don't mind that they aren't dirt cheap because the organization gives women marketable skills and jobs.  There is also a lovely playground for children - one of the best in Nairobi - and a cafe that sells delicious food, although their service is terrible.  If you don't mind waiting for your coffee, make an afternoon of it and enjoy your shopping!

Need a car while you're here or waiting for your import? Joep - 072 524 8688

Self-Hire Driver: Justus - 073 453 6571

Curtains and other soft furnishings: Zig Zag - 072 227 7722 or 020 34 6460- located in Westlands

Internet: Zote Telkom - 072 237 7000

Hair Dresser: Catrine - 0725678606, she will come to your house! 

Nails/Massage: Wild Earth Day Spa - 072 277 5505

Personal Trainers
  • Cathy at the UN Recreation Center- 0722839476
  • Mordecai - squash coach at the UN Recreation Center

Drum Lessons: Obuya - 072 237 5152

Kindergarten: Kyuna Kindergarten (from age 18 months) - 072 294 6258