Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May 26, 2009 - Quarter Year

Hi there.  Today I am 3 months old.  What a life I have!  They keep telling me that soon I will fly on an airplane to far away places where I will meet a lot of people who are related to me or who are my very good friends.  Sounds good!  But how far exactly is far?  And how long will I have to be on one of these airplanes?  I guess I'll found out soon enough.  

Yesterday Mom and Far took me to see Dr. Nesbitt again and, once again, I got very painful shots in my legs and drops in my mouth.  They keep telling me it is for my own good, but I don't see them getting those shots do I?!  Ouch!  This time, though, they gave me medicine beforehand and I felt a lot better than I did a month ago when I got the same shots.  I was a little fussy the rest of the day, but did not scream in pain all night or have a fever like last time.  And the good news is that it was my last Hepatitis B shot, which is the most painful one.  Far took pictures of me last night when I still had band aids on both of my thighs.  I was happy though because it was time for my bath!

When I was at Dr. Nesbitt's, we found out that I weigh 5.4 kg/11.9 lbs and that I am 59.5 cm/23.4 in long.  I am in the 50th percentile for both weight and height so even though Kenyans think I am huge (African babies tend to be a lower birth weight than I was), I am just average!

My mom is a little bit crazy with her camera and this morning made me pose for all kinds of pictures.  I was definitely smiling and laughing a lot, but not necessarily at the exact moments when she was snapping the pictures.  Maybe she needs to hire an assistant to help with her photo shoots (or wait until Far comes home!).  She noticed when I was getting my picture taken how strong my neck and head are; I was moving my head a lot and trying to sit up on my own.  She seemed very excited about this. I was also trying to get rid of that annoying sign she was making me hold!  Sometimes my mom can be so silly.  Mom and Far also have been saying a lot lately that I look like my cousin Josefine.  She must be very pretty and I can't wait to meet her soon.  

This afternoon we are going to our first play group with other moms and infants.  Mom seems very happy about this and maybe it will be nice if we both make some new friends.  After all, once I can sit up by myself all the time I might want people to hang out with besides my parents!

Okay...I'm thinking about having lunch now so it is time to go.  Happy quarter year to me!

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