Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May 13, 2009 - Baby Reactions

Last night, I had such a funny moment with Grace. I had just finished feeding her and was trying to burp her.  Burping, by the way, is not Grace's most successful past time.  So I'm trying and trying with no luck, and I hold Grace up directly in front of me and I'm talking to her telling her that I think she will feel better if she burps.  Instead of burping, at this precise moment she decides to go for projectile spit up.  All over me: my shirt, my face, and in my mouth.  So gross!  My reaction to this was sort of a yell/gasp: "AAAAH!!!"  I didn't plan to yell like that, but I was caught off guard and it was an honest reaction.  

So what does Grace do after I yelled?  She looked completely shocked for about 7 seconds before a very distinct, sad frown slowly developed on her face and then she burst into tears.  Literally!  It was so cute and funny that I just had to laugh, although I suppose that wasn't very nice of me because she was really sad and crying pretty hard.   She actually thought I was yelling at her, and definitely didn't like it - who knew babies were so sensitive!  That happened once before when Kristoffer jokingly yelled at her for doing something like baby-punching him in the face, but she didn't take it as a joke and started cry.  Clearly, she does not want to be in trouble with her parents.  And she is really funny about noises in general.  You could be banging drums next to her or watching a movie with loud sound effects and if she is asleep, she will remain asleep.  But if you sneeze quietly or slightly move a piece of furniture?  That wakes her up for sure!  

As you can probably tell, we are truly enjoying all of these small moments of Grace's development.  And, as you can see below, she is very happy when we have tummy time and is getting bigger and stronger every day.  


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