Thursday, May 14, 2009

May 14, 2009 - 200 + 11 = Life in Nairobi

200 blogs after we began "Life in Nairobi", our daughter is 11 weeks old.   So crazy!  

Yesterday Grace had her first "play date" with her friend Freddie who was born one week after she was born.  Freddie's mom was a colleague of mine when I was working last year and we decided to meet for lunch at a cafe.  She and I had a great visit, but Grace and Freddie didn't really have a chance to hit it off.  Grace slept for the first 90 minutes of our visit, and then when she woke up to eat Freddie went to sleep!  We decided next time we'll try it at one our homes and maybe they won't be so inclined to sleep in their strollers :)

We have also been making plans for next week - to meet some people for lunch, to go to the doctor's (for me), and to watch the American Idol finale with our neighbors because Kristoffer will be away in Mozambique from Monday to Friday and we are a little nervous about being lonely! 

Here are some of Grace's 11-week old smiles:


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Joanna said...

Happy 11-week birthday, Grace! Your smiles are so cute and we can't wait to meet you!