Friday, May 22, 2009

May 22, 2009 - Hold On Tight and Laugh Out Loud

This week Grace started doing something new when playing on her monkey mat.  

Step 1:  Grab the monkey's green ring (she's been doing this for a few weeks, albeit inconsistently - now she does it every time):

Step 2:  Pull the ring towards mouth while furiously make smacking and sucking sounds with lipa and tongue and also trying to fit other fist in mouth with the ring:
Today she also had a super cute new moment.  When I was changing her diaper she was very happy, as always.  And she started smiling a lot and "talking", so I started to tickle her a bit and she loudly belly laughed!  It was so cute and she did it about three times when I was tickling her whilst saying the word for "tickle" in Danish (which I can say but cannot spell).  I was so excited that I immediately called my mom on skype for her to see and hear, but of course Grace wouldn't do it again.  I am hoping she will do it for Kristoffer sometime this weekend.  Thank goodness he is coming home tonight!


p.s. Grace will probably only fit into her "Made in Kenya" onesies for another week, if that.  They are getting a bit snug.  It is sad for me - they are my favorites!


casa da poesia said...

"negema wangu binti"


Stephanie said...

Lisa, when you're where there are big baby stores, look for "onesie extenders" - they're little strips of cotton with snaps that extend the length of onesies (especially good for the cute ones you want them to keep wearing). Here's a link - you can get at Babies R Us in the states, I think.