Sunday, January 2, 2011

January 2, 2011 - Godt Nytar

We went to a Danish New Year's party on Friday night with a few Danish families that we've gotten to know in Nairobi, and their respective visiting family members. It was a family-friendly affair and we had a great time. Such great people and some Danish traditions to boot! I made it to midnight without falling asleep and Grace, who slept from 9 to 11:30, woke up in time to be scared stiff by the fireworks and "rockets." She'll be talking about the things that go "BANG" for awhile I'm sure.

We were not too quick with the camera, but Kristoffer did manage to catch this one moment before we put Grace down in her pack-n-play. I particularly like this picture because Grace is hiding my enormous belly :)
New Year's day involved lots of napping for all 3 of us and not much of anything else. We also started our official "Rocky Countdown" which is a little different than the ticker on this blog since our c-section is scheduled. 22 days. That's right! Rocky is almost here!

Godt Nytar to you!

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Anonymous said...

22 days!!! Wow, I better get a move on :) Happy New Year, we miss you guys.