Thursday, January 13, 2011

January 13, 2010 - Bedrest Book Reviews (or not)

Well...I have completely slacked in the reading department lately. Admittedly, I have read NOTHING but the news, my email, facebook and "What to Expect When You are Expecting" (also, the 1st year and toddler years "what to expect" books are frequently all open at the same time). It is not that I don't want to read for pleasure, because of course I do...but I blame a number of factors...
  • I was writing some curriculum for a former professor of mine at Syracuse University, which took up 70 hours of my time. Basically, when I wasn't trying to sleep or eat or doing something with Grace & Kristoffer, I was doing that. Finished as of this past Monday.
  • I have been uncomfortable in any (or every) position for long periods of time which means that sitting or laying down to read has been physically uncomfortable for me.
  • I have had very little attention span for the last many weeks.
  • Grace didn't have preschool for 6 weeks. Rose and I concocted a schedule so that I had a break from Grace each day to either work or rest and so that Rose also had a break from Grace to clean our house. And the reality is that Grace is actually very fun to play with, even if most of the things I play with her involve me moving as infrequently as possible (puzzles, legos, trains, bubbles, etc.). I left all of the swinging, sliding, sandboxing, running around to Rose. And now Grace is back in school every morning from 9-12.
  • Nesting: when I have had a little extra time I have focused on getting our lives ready for Rocky.
All excuses aside, my "partial bed rest" is over in 11 days anyway when Rocky arrives and then I suspect the only things I'll be reading for awhile are the faces of my beautiful children. Children. As in more than one. Plural. WOW!

My apologies for not reading and sharing more. I did get a lot of positive feedback when I did share so whenever my pleasure-reading resumes I will continue to write review and hope that is OK with you.


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