Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January 4, 2011 - Sooooo Close...

(sorry for the fuzzy picture; self-taken photo using the camera on the laptop is not the best quality)

Today I am 36 weeks pregnant and the "poll" will close at the end of the day; obviously "you" are of the opinion that Rocky is definitely a fighter and not a leggy female dancer :) That is actually pretty funny because when Charles came to work this morning he told us that his mother had a dream that our baby is a boy! He said she has never had that kind of dream before and that he promised to buy her a goat if she is right (that is a pretty serious promise, by the way)!

Lately I have been feeling somewhere between uncomfortable and miserable. I can't sleep because my back hurts and my indigestion is so terrible. Nairobi is out of Maalox :( Rocky is apparently not one of those babies who slows down towards the end because this child is moving almost all the time. I've had tingling in my extremities, which I never had with Grace, and my incision scar from Grace's delivery is very stretched and sore. And...have I mentioned that I am HUGE?! I now look bigger than I did at the end with Grace and also have gained about 7 lbs more than I did with Grace (to date). All of this, of course, is good news for Rocky's health, never mind my sanity and energy. My over-the-top waddling was easily explained at my doctor's appointment this morning when she examined me and said, "You aren't dilated at all yet, but the baby is fully engaged, which might explain all of that pressure you're feeling."

Again, great news (we never got to that stage with breech-baby Grace), except that Kristoffer is scheduled to travel within Kenya for work next week and will be gone for 4 days/3 nights. It is sort of a long story, but it is not a trip he can get out of, regardless of how engaged his child is. Of course our ideal situation is for Rocky to be born as scheduled on January 24th, but should s/he decide to arrive earlier than that let's just all say a prayer that Kristoffer is not in the middle of the desert (literally, and also a 5 hr drive from Nairobi).

Kristoffer's mom and Hans arrive on the 21st and all important actors are scheduled for 7:45 am on the 24th (my doctor/surgeon, anesthesiologist, pediatrician, operating room staff), Kristoffer will donate a unit of blood on the 22nd just in case I need it for the surgery, and our hotel-like room at the Aga Khan University Hospital's Princess Zhara Pavilion is ready for us to check in at 4pm on the 23rd. Not to mention the fact that we haven't bought my dad a birthday gift because really, what could top a new grandchild (sorry to my siblings, but I so win "Best Gift" this year)?!

Pretty much all we have left to do now is pack a bag and keep reminding Grace how much we love her and how much she is going to love being a big sister. It seems to me that the next pictures you'll see of Rocky will be included in his or her arrival announcement...and then we'll see if Charles' mother gets her goat or not!


p.s. at my 34 week scan, Rocky was estimated to weigh just about 6 lbs and this morning my doctor said, "I think this is a big baby!" Hmmm....we'll find out soon enough!

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