Tuesday, June 27, 2017

June 26, 2017 - Life in the Past Year

We're winding down here, with only one blog to go after this.  If I had been blogging in the last year, these photos might have made the cut...

Saying goodbye to "our" beach at the DYC...
Goodbye pictures with Oliver and Christopher before our furniture left.  
Each of our kids has these pictures in their bedroom...

We went to Denmark for a few weeks after we left Dar and had some wonderful moments visiting friends and family there.  There was a little bit of stress because of buying the house back in the US - we had a paperwork problem and I ended up needing to unexpectedly fly home to actually buy the house.  And then, you know, go back to Denmark to collect my people.  But in hindsight, I'm glad it didn't go down any other way (although, sheesh, it was stressful) because it was great to see and buy the house (and a car!) and scope out a few things before the whole family arrived.
But back in Denmark, we had a wonderful visit with Lars & Barbara and their beautiful family.  We hadn't seen them in so long, and both of our families had grown during that period.  Three kids for each of us!  Luna and Grace met for the first time in June of 2009 - and 7 years later they got along so well!
Kristoffer and I had one night to ourselves at a secret location. 
Denmark is not warm, but is beautiful!
 Amber hunting on the beach at 10 pm!

 Annual trip to Legoland.  Not many pictures, but it was a great day!

 Kristoffer and the kids spent a day celebrating Marianne's birthday.  I love this picture Kristoffer took of his brother and father, Rasmus and Johannes/Farfar.
 For Kirsten & Hans' 25th wedding anniversary, there was a big party to celebrate!  Everyone mini-golfed and played outside together in the rain before the big party. I celebrated so well, in fact, that I don't *exactly* remember how the night ended. 

 This is what 25 years looks like!
 Aya & Onkle Rasmus.
 We had several great Copenhagen castle and playground visits, with different friends too.

And then we had to make our move official. This was when we landed in Boston.  Our new adventure started, and life did not slow down!
We rented a UHaul to empty our stuff from Nene and Pops' basement and to bring the kids' new IKEA bedroom furniture down to our house in Maryland.
The one picture I took when our container from Tanzania was being emptied was of the movers with our Tanzanian mango tree table.  They didn't believe me when I said it would take 4 people to move it.  They had to call for a backup AND Kristoffer had to help.  It just made it into the door and will never be moved again!
New carpet!
Bibi and Jen from NYC were our first visitors!
Our kids instantly loved playing with the neighbors.
And the first time they had the ice cream truck, 
Mama went crazy and bought for all the neighbors!

Last summer, exploring playgrounds!

 Uncle Mark's first of 2 or 3 visits, stopping by for dinner when he's here for a work trip!
A fall playground day.  My favorite picture of these three!
When Farmor and Hans visited from Denmark for three wonderful weeks, we went in to DC.  We haven't done it much - I think we're getting there - but we did the Air & Space Museum and walked to the Washington Monument.

A fall hike.
First snow!
(There wasn't much to it, but these African kids didn't know that!)
Thanksgiving!  We are thankful for our cousin Nora!
At Thanksgiving, Nene and Pops celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary by renewing their wedding vows and having an intimate dinner party.  I will say, watching your parents get married (again) was incredibly special.

Christmas card photo shoot.
At the holidays, they loved making candies and gingerbread houses with Nene and their cousins Allison & Zoe.  Pretty much any time they've been with family in the last year, they are super happy.  Noah is known for declaring many days to be the "best day ever" when family is around.

First Christmas in our home!

At some point we got a tiny bit more snow :)  But that was it!
Easter egg hunt outside. Is it just me, or does the 8 year old look a bit too much 
like a tween or teen in this photo?
All cleaned up for Easter.
With Zoe & Allison.
Grace's First Communion.
We went to Ohio for our nephew Nathan's high school graduation. It was so much fun!
The kids thought it was particularly cool to rock out with Matthew, our family's resident rocker. We're still taking suggestions for possible future band names...

One of the things we like to do these days - bike rides to the playground.
In case you can't tell, they are (and we are) happy...
It has been one helluva year!


dojuma said...

Wow great job your photos are so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm just coming to your blog as we consider a move to Dar from our current home in Cambodia -- funny moment of watching others experience similar but different moves and changes that you yourself have shared or may experience in future. I can tell from your photos you must live in my sister in law's neighborhood (and the house our young family left to come overseas again 2 years ago is near the park with the carousel, I'm pretty sure). Nice to see your reverse move back home, and it's nice to see you doing well, although I don't know you. I'll be reading your blog especially if we end up moving to TZ. Thanks -- I already enjoy your voice and your observations. All the best and good luck, Lisa