Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June 9, 2009 - New Faces and Places

The last few days have been action packed for Grace.  First, she had to say goodbye to Farfar and Marianne on Sunday morning after a great stay at their house.

Then we drove from Als to Flemsburg, Germany (Grace's first time to Germany and the third country she has been to after Kenya and Denmark) to visit Kristoffer's step-brother Tommy and his wife Mirja.  They are expecting a baby boy in August!

After Germany we went back to Als to spend a day and night with Uncle Rasmus, Aunt Jytte, and Grace's cousins Nikoline and Josefine.  She liked them so much and she was much happier than the day they first met her.  Nikoline was especially good with Grace.  We even went to visit the girls at school and they got to show Grace off to all of their friends and teachers.  A baby cousin from Africa was a big hit!  We are very happy that we will get to see them again for Farmor's birthday this coming weekend.

On Monday afternoon we left Als and came back to visit Farmor and Hans in Varde for the week.  Last night we went to watch Farmor play tennis and her friends got to see Grace too!  Today another one of her good friends, Lotte, came to meet Grace.

Then Farmor and Hans played with Grace for a long time.  Hans was especially working on helping Grace to actually get her thumb in her mouth and also to sit up! 

This afternoon we had a real treat when our dear friends Lars and Barbara came to visit with their baby Luna (10 months).  

Luna really wanted Grace to play.  Someday the two of them will get into all kinds of mischief together!

There is something very sweet about seeing two ex-military sergeants with their baby daughters!
We are having a great vacation and can't wait for Farmor's 60th birthday party this weekend!


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