Thursday, June 4, 2009

June 4, 2009 - Growing up on Als

Johannes and Marianne live on the island of Als, where Kristoffer grew up.  It is one of Denmark's many islands and is a really beautiful place.  The last two days we have really enjoyed taking walks around the town of Nordborg and visiting different people.  Yesterday we visited Marianne at work at the school library, where she was very happy to show a sleeping Grace off to her colleagues.  Today we went to visit one of Farfar's friends where, again, Grace was a sleeping beauty.  There is something special about the air on Als.  We can't figure it out, but we always sleep extremely well when we are here, and Grace has taken on the trend!

We find that Grace is growing up so fast right before our eyes.  In the last few days, she has really mastered holding and controlling the movement of (sometimes hitting herself in the face with) a heavy rattle.  She is also really trying to sit up by herself.  Here you can see her sitting on Farfar's sofa, trying to sit up in her own seat, and also trying to sit up whilst eating her rattle:

This morning, Grace enjoyed playing with Farfar:

Today it was a little bit chilly here, so to go on our walk we got Grace all bundled up.  I think you can tell how much her father is enjoying his time off from work.  He gets to witness all of these rapid changes she is going through and he is really enjoying how interactive she is at 14 weeks old:

So far we are having a great time in Denmark!


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