Thursday, March 24, 2016

March 24, 2016 - IST's Got Talent

Last weekend, Grace participated in the annual talent show at her school: IST's Got Talent, 2016!  She did a dance with 3 other girls that she is good friends with; one of their mother's picked and choreographed the song with them.  She had SO. MUCH. FUN. that it was just a total delight to observe the whole thing.  She loved the practices.  She loved the "costumes".  She loved being with her friends.  She seemed to actually love being on the stage!  She loved watching the other acts ( hem...44 of them...) and cheering on the other students at her school.  She loved the t-shirt she got for participating.  She loved dancing around on the stage with all the other kids at the end of the show (think 98 degrees in the shade) and being "in" on something special.

We loved that she was confident (didn't seem nervous at all - in front of hundreds of people!) and happy and had so much fun.  What more could a parent wish for?!


(very difficult to get these 4 girls to look nicely at the camera at the same time!)
"The Twiga Girls"
(the name of their act!)
performed the "Superman Dance"

And the show (thankfully they were #10 and not #45 - did I mention it was insanely hot?!!?):

Post-performance fun...she loved being part of this community!

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tboneburpee said...

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