Thursday, March 10, 2016

March 10, 2016 - Catching Up with Noah

Noah has had some interesting things going on and some accomplishments lately.  Last week was World Book Day, and so Noah paraded as a dragon from one of our favorite books, "Dragons Love Tacos."  To prep for this role, we had Taco Tuesday for dinner the night before :)

With this past Sunday being Mother's Day in the UK, Noah's British school had a very big Mother's Day celebration last Friday.  All the moms (or mummies, as they call us here) were invited to a special assemby.  Noah even told me to "wear something special".  He felt a little bit bad that Far was not allowed to come, but was very strict about it. Each class performed something - songs or poems, and in Noah's class it was a skit about the things you should do to celebrate your mother for Mother's Day.  And each child publicly gave his/her mother a hug and picture of him/her in a magnet frame and a hand-made card.  It was incredibly sweet!  I was happy for Noah, who memorized and loudly spoke his two lines...his first "part" in a performance.  Because Noah graduated from speech therapy (the day after this show), which he has been going to for a year to help correct an articulation problem with his /s/ sound, I was especially proud to hear him say those /s/ sounds on the stage in front of everyone! 

Looking very serious up on stage before the show began.
Noah's first line:
Noah's second line: 
(the whole skit was about 8 minutes, so I've really cut it down)
His class song:

Noah also made this portrait of me (although he said he was sorry he forgot my glasses)...
I think the resemblance is striking!
The next day Noah had has his last speech therapy session...and received this small trophy that his lovely therapist gave him.  He was SO proud and happy (even if he didn't really know he had been in speech therapy the whole time...).  
Another recent accomplishment for Noah is that a few weeks ago he started swimming on his own without his swim belt.  He is finally becoming more comfortable and confident in the water...and below you can see him floating totally on his own (he did that for many minutes!).  We haven't had success with a swim teacher for him here - he only wants Far to teach him, so we are sort of prioritizing that and now these two have a lot of momentum (when Noah isn't too excited to actually do it).

So far, being 5 has been pretty awesome for Noah!  What a guy!  

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