Tuesday, May 10, 2016

May 10, 2016 - Travelling with Toddlers in Tanzania

A few months ago I was invited to write a guest blog post over at Roasted Montreal and today is the day that my specific post is up!

This was flattering because, as you know, I've been pretty awful at blogging consistently since Aya was born and the fact that another blogger likes my blog and my writing enough to ask me to pop over to her place...well, let's just say that came as a surprise to me!  So thanks to Michelle at Roasted Montreal for seeing some potential in sending people over to Tanzania on vacation with their toddlers.  It would definitely not be your "easiest" trip with little ones to come here. Eeek!  The travel time alone to get here from most places is enough to make a staycation sound super exotic. Unless you were coming to visit some specific people that you love in this place...then the extreme travel part of it might be worth it.  I think my post, the first in her current series on travel with toddlers, was used as more of a "dream" trip to take with toddlers...but once you're here and you're used to the heat and the malaria risk and the really-don't-drink-the-water, etc...it's a pretty cool place to hang out.  

I am hesitant to broadcast my guest blog too widely for fear that everyone here will have strong opinions about what I did and did not include/recommend in the post.  There were limitations, of course, and there is no way to capture everything in one blog!  So I tried, based on my own experiences and perspectives which have been and are, no doubt, quite different than other people's.  But I hope Michelle gets some positive response and that people will enjoy a bit of a vacation day dream. 

To new readers to the this blog who might have come here by way of Roasted Montreal...thank you for stopping by and I hope you see something you like.

More news is coming soon on our relocation plans to America!  We've got less then 6 weeks to go here in Dar, which is pretty hard to believe...even when I see it in writing!

If you've already been patient enough to hang in here with me this long, hang in just a little longer...

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