Thursday, April 21, 2016

April 21 2016 - Terrifcally Two!

Today is Aya's second birthday, which is VERY hard to believe.
Our little baby!

It was probably the most low-key birthday we've had around here in a long time.  I think Aya is a little bit under the weather, actually, and so for some reason she slept all the way until 8:00 am!  That is very strange behaviour in this house, particularly because Grace and Noah were ready to celebrate her starting at 5:45 am.  Kristoffer, Grace and Noah had already gone to work and school so our usual morning birthday party was delayed.

 We had a quiet morning just Aya, Oliver and me :)

Then she went to school - made it just in time - and was happy to see one of her teachers, Vicky, who she adores.  But she is always happy to go to school, actually, and everyone was excited to wish Aya a happy birthday.
I came back at snack time with little cupcakes for her class - THAT was very popular, but I certainly learned that one cannot be too leisurely when distributing cupcakes to two year olds or else all hell breaks lose!

The teachers were sure Aya would want to go home with me after snack time but she said she wanted to play outside and said, "bye bye, Mama!  I go play now!" So I left her jumping around and came back later to get her.
Far came home early from work - a treat! - and we had our delayed little family birthday party for her before dinner. She received DORA gifts only (mostly from my parents, a few from us...her "big" present will be a new play kitchen when we move to America...but she doesn't really know/can't really understand that yet) and loved them!  She also got her own little suitcase for travel (on our last South Africa trip it was a big problem that she did not have her own suitcase!), which will come in handy very soon!

After a nice dinner, Aya was not at all interested in more cake, but the rest of us enjoyed our own yummy cupcakes :)  She did seriously enjoy all of the birthday songs we sang to her and she sweetly referred to herself as the "birthday girl" a few times.  

She went to sleep with a cough, runny nose and almost-a-fever (but wearing her new Dora shirt) who knows what day 2 of being 2 will bring for her tomorrow.  But I can say this about Aya at 2 years old today:  she is the feistiest, funniest toddler we've ever had in this family! She definitely thinks she is older than 2 and communicates very clearly, and constantly!  She loves going to school, she loves music and dancing, she loves running, she loves Dora & Diego (parenting FAIL!), she loves cats and dogs, she loves Grace and Noah and Oliver and Christopher and Mama and Far, she loves books, she loves puzzles, she loves melon and short, she is full of LOVE.  And she can throw one heckuva temper tantrum when she wants!

Kristoffer describes Aya this way, "she has a lot of personality, or character, in her walk!" And she really does!  She's a funny little thing - and boy do we love her!  Happy, happy, happy birthday to our beautiful, sweet, baby girl! I guess you're not really a baby anymore, Aya... but you'll always be MY baby!


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