Sunday, January 31, 2016

January 31, 2016 - "You Should See the Other Guy"

This past week was a tough one for us.  Aya took a very bad fall in our bathroom and cut her head open just above her right eye.  She is perfectly fine now - there was no fracture, no concussion, her vision was not affected that we know of, and she is getting her stitches out tomorrow.  She has been acting herself for the last few days as well.  But it was an incredibly traumatic event for our family.  Apparently head wounds bleed a lot so Aya was completely covered in blood...she looked like you turned her upside down and dipped her in a can of red paint.  None of the people in our family, thankfully, had ever seen so much blood before!  Grace was crying, "Is she going to die? Is she going to die?" Noah was pretty quiet.  So that was horrible, and it was horrible that Aya was clearly in a lot of pain and was very scared herself.  

We got to the clinic within about 4 minutes of her fall and because I had called ahead, the doctor arrived about 1 minute after us.  He was so calm and reassuring; he handled ME really well so that I could try my best to help Aya.  She needed to be sedated, though, because I could not calm her down alone. Kristoffer dashed off to deposit Grace and Noah at a friend's house and returned with comfort items for Aya and clean clothes for him and me.  Before the sedative really kicked in, she was wrapped in a sheet (think: straight jacket) to keep her arms down and it took 3 of us (me, Kristoffer and the nurse) to hold her down while the doctor gave her local anesthesia and began the sutures.  He was really flawless in those moments and we were so grateful that he was the doctor on call (no offense to the other doctors at the clinic, but we would not have been as confident in all of them).  

I think we were home again in an hour.  When we picked up the kids they were relieved to see that she was alive and "okay".  But the next couple of days were interesting with them.  Grace woke up at 5 am (probably when I had just finally fallen asleep!) talking about it and saying that she needed to talk about it and would probably tell everybody at school about it.  Because I know her so well - she is just like me! - I had already emailed her teacher and the counselor at her school to prepare them for it.  So it was good for her to go to school and deal with it.  Noah, on the other hand, who usually wakes up before 6:00 am...did not get out of bed until after 8:00.  He said he didn't feel well and I let him stay home...he was very quiet and just played by himself or with Oliver the whole day.  By the time Grace came home from school she had a stomachache and a fever, and she spent the whole next day at home hanging out with me and Aya.   Ah...the love between our children just amazes me all the time.

So Kristoffer and I have also been feeling a bit fragile all week - just reliving the moment over and over again.  The lump in my stomach is finally starting to get smaller.  Kristoffer said he wished he could just keep her in bubble wrap now, and I totally agree!  But we are very grateful that it was not worse - it definitely could have been! - and that she is going to be just fine.  And her very big scar will get smaller with time and someday I hope it will just be a spot that her spouse finds adorable to kiss.  She will have no memory of this, like all kids who have such falls and such stitches...and just like all the other parents out there, we will not forget!   Sorry, Aya!


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Ibrahims Mommy said...

Hello! What was the name of the Doctor you reached out to? thank you so much!