Sunday, January 24, 2016

January 22 & 23, 2016 - The Big Five

In East Africa, "the big five" usually refers to a well-known group of African animals (lion, buffalo, rhino, elephant and leopard).  But in Tanzania this weekend, "the Big Five" was reserved for our Noah who celebrated his 5th birthday with a "safari" theme.

Noah is a really cool kid.  He loves Legos and Star Wars and has an amazing imagination for making up games and "worlds" to pretend.  He is doing a great job learning to read and write and loves the school he goes to this year, where he has made some really nice friends and seems to do well in a really diverse environment.  He is stubborn as they come and a terrible, horrible, picky picky eater these days.  He is not great at listening "the first time", which we are working on!  He's made great progress in speech therapy over the last few months so that he is finally saying his "s" sound most of the time.  We need to work on bike riding and swimming - but he would much rather be building his Legos than focusing on either of those things...and that's also okay.  He has the greatest smile you'll ever see and the best laugh you'll ever hear.  He loves his sisters - he is usually admiring one and teasing the other, and then will switch!  He is a "Far's dreng" for sure...I asked him the other day what he thinks of when I say the word "Love", and he said "Far".  But he's always thrilled to see me when I pick him up at school - a few other moms have told me they wished their sons hugged them like he hugs me that's pretty wonderful.  He is silly and loud and wacky and wild...and sensitive and sweet and thoughtful and calm.  This boy is absolutely everything to us.  We are grateful for 5 years of him and wish him a wonderful new year full of growth and fun and all the Legos his heart desires.

Now for his birthday pictures...

He woke up Friday morning to our usual family birthday party (eh 5 am).

 (I love this one...they are both in awe of the Sar Wars Resistance X-Wing Fighter.)

 This guy is The Big Five!
Noah was psyched that Far took him to school on his birthday and Mama came a little bit later with cupcakes and goodie bags for his class. 

 (Tinga Tinga style name signs for his class.)

 He had such a big day that he fell asleep with his new Nerf gun when he got home from school!
 He Skyped with all of his grandparents in the afternoon.

Then yesterday morning we were in full-on birthday party mode.
 My friend made a safari cake, complete with the Welsien Family on safari...

 Silly pictures with our African animal friends...

 A snowball fight...not sure how we got to do this for a safari party...I think we pretended that we were on the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro...?
 Opening presents..

Then came the bajaji rides...a repeat activity from Noah's 3rd birthday.  The kids just absolutely love being allowed to go for rides in one of these.

 Lego Tower building contest (also a repeat from his 4th birthday...this kid likes what he likes!)

 Time to sing Happy Birthday to our guy!

Scavenger Hunt to find their goodie bags...
 Grace could read the clues this year...

Phew!  We were all really tired after such a great morning!  
And in the evening Far and kids relaxed a bit together...
We love you, love you, love you, Noah boy! Happy 5th Birthday!


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