Monday, December 21, 2015

Decembe 21, 2015 - Noah's Christmas Celebration

Two Fridays ago, Noah's school had their big Christmas celebration to close out the first term of the school year.  The children had practiced all kinds of Christmas songs for singing to the parents and it was very sweet.  It was also VERY hot.  Eek.

Then they had planned a really big Christmas fair to raise money for the children's cancer ward at a local hospital. The older children and many different parents as well had prepared stalls with Christmas games and activities for everyone to participate in.  And Santa Claus visited (very popular!) and there were lots of raffle prizes.  It was their first time doing such a fair and it was a very big success!  But was VERY hot!

Here are a few snapshots...sadly I didn't get good video of Noah singing (although he was so enthusiastic) because there was another child blocking him almost completely from my view.  Bummer!

(You'll notice in the pictures below the youngest two grades don't wear uniforms, but the "primary school" students do wear uniforms.)

 He loved singing all the Christmas songs! Rudolph is his favorite :)
 This was Noah's face the exact moment that Santa Claus arrived...I love that I caught it (although a bit fuzzy)!

 At a cookie decorating stall.  He takes his cookie decorating very seriously!

 We won a raffle basket!  So much fun!

This was a great day to help Noah feel more connected to both his school and the Christmas holiday.  It was a big thrill for him that Far took the morning off from work to be there! 


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