Thursday, November 5, 2015

November 5, 2015 - The Great Cape (Town) Escape Part 4

Days 6 and 7!

We packed up and got out of our apartment.  We planned to stop for breakfast at this cafe, known for good breakfast food and a great playground, at the foot of Table Mountain on our way to our next accommodations.  Despite some picky eaters on our end, both the food and the playground delivered as promised.

(someone parasailing from the top of Table Mountain)

Then we moved on to the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, also at the foot of Table Mountain, and home a very cool bridge that winds through the tree tops.  It's called the "boomslang", after the type of snake that comes down from the trees (ironically, that is the kind of very poisonous snake that we have had 8 of in our garden back home in Dar).  It was the hottest day of our trip so that made it more of a challenge for the kids (not so much shade on the main paths of the garden), but it was an incredibly beautiful place to visit and the kids liked doing their own photography again.

We moved on for two nights to the very cool Old MacDaddy's. Located on a working apple farm, the owners of this place bought old Airstream trailers from America and converted them to hotel rooms, each decorated by an interior designer with a particular theme.  Some were straight trailers, ours was a trailer with built on living room (which was also a bedroom for our family) and bathroom.  This was located in the beautiful Elgin Valley, just about an hour away from Cape Town proper.  It was an incredibly child-friendly retreat.  First of all, our kids LOVED the airstream trailer!  We imagined that to be our bedroom with the kids on the sofas in the living room, but they sort of thought the trailer was a playground for them and begged us to let them live in there.  So we did!  They got the cool trailer and we slept on sofas, with Aya in a pack n play in the bathroom!  HA!  Besides our cool room, there was a small pond with beach, a pool, a kids playroom with a babysitter, and two small playgrounds.  To top it all off, there was a 5 year old little girl there with her parents and Grace, Noah and her had a great time together! 

Our trailer was called "Digit" and had a numbers theme to it. 
Grace particularly loved doing the hopscotch.  

We were only going to be there for 2 nights, but within 15 minutes of arriving, Grace and Noah had unpacked all of their possessions in appropriate places throughout the trailer.  They have NO PROBLEM making themselves comfortable wherever they go in the world!
There was a central "barn" with restaurant, bar, pool, playroom, etc.  Ours was the closest trailer to this area which was great.
Playing a game with the babysitter and their new friend!
Clouds rolling in from Cape Town (literally rolling!) were amazing to watch.  And we loved how it cooled off our hottest days.  The nights were chilly - perfect sleeping weather (if only someone had told Aya that!)!

You can see how the living room was built off of the trailer.  We should have taken a picture from the outside! Doh!
A winery just next to the farm.  So beautiful...

We would highly recommend this place for families visiting the Cape Town area.  I realize there is no shortage of beautiful places to visit and it seems like all of the Cape Town area has Africa's traditional love for children, but this was definitely a cool, different place to go and our kids did not want to leave! 


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