Wednesday, November 4, 2015

November 4, 2015 - The Great Cape (Town) Escape Part 3

Day 4!

In the morning I was too sick to go anywhere or do anything. The aquarium was on the list for the day, so Kristoffer took the kids to the aquarium without me.  

By the time they came home I was starting to feel slightly better, and by the late afternoon the siege on my stomach ended.  Our kids love to be at home so they enjoyed playing in our little apartment with the few new toys they got.  But they also were a little "cooped up" so to speak.  So we headed back to the Waterfront in the afternoon to walk around a bit and eat some pizza (upon request - but none for me!). We also rode the ferris wheel - this time I was there! - and bought the tourist package of cheesy photos!  It was really fun there because the weather was gorgeous, there were lots of musicians playing, and it was just a beautiful afternoon.  

Not a bad family selfie on the ferris wheel - especially considering my morning!

We started delegating bedtime stories to Grace, who is really improving in her reading and seems to like to read to Aya especially.  Noah will catch up soon as he is now starting to sound out words.

We were supposed to have a night out to go shopping without the kids (loved that babysitting service we hired!), but I needed a good night's sleep after that stomach bug so we missed it.  I'm just so glad it was only one day of being sick and not more!

Day 5!

Everybody feeling well today and we had a big morning planned - to see the penguins at Boulders Beach!  This was my favorite thing that we did together on this trip.  We just had a great morning - we got awesome coffee from the shop I mentioned in another blog (Cafe Neo at Mouille Point - go there!) and took the most beautiful drive over Chapman's Peak to get to Boulder's Beach for seeing the penguins.  It is the most beautiful drive I've ever taken - just breathtaking.  The kids were not quite as blown away (Can we have the iPad?!?) but Kristoffer and I loved that drive.  And then to see the penguins on the beach you take a bit of a walk, along which you find many escaped penguins hanging around near the walkway.  Grace was our best penguin spotter and Aya was saying "anana pengi" (another penguin) the whole way on my back (when Aya was in the Ergo on my back we called her "Aya Backpack" and while she was skeptical at first, she did come to really like being back there!).  We loved watching the penguins - especially the ones trying to get out of the huge waves to go fish or coming in from fishing.  It was a wonderful morning! 

Hard to capture the view during our drive but it was just incredible...

We started penguin spotting right away on our walk...

(too bad Aya was looking the other away!)

We found out from the guy at the gift shop that the rock you see out in the ocean is called "Noah's Ark!" so we took a picture of our Noah with his rock.  
There is a small beach by the penguins for can see South African children swimming and playing in the water.  There was a lady swimming around the rocks to go closer to the penguins.  Just having a great time.  We thought we would try it out but HOLY MOLY that water was freezing! It was so cold that it hurt our feet!  South Africans are tough, man!  Get us back to the warm waters of East Africa!

A post-penguin cookie was greatly appreciated...
Just after the penguins our day took a downturn.  On the very mountainous drive back to Cape Town Grace's ears had a really hard time adjusting to the changing altitude and pressure. She was in a lot of pain (later found out officially from our Dr here in Dar that she has a small tear in her ear drum), which made it even harder that the restaurant we planned to go to for an outdoor lunch picnic was closed on Mondays!  ACK!  So we went to our backup plan restaurant but it took some time (and me physically running to a pharmacy to buy pain medication!) to calm all hungry (Aya), tired (Noah), and hurting (Grace) children down.  Once the Tylenol kicked in, the kids were happy to be in the kitchen making and baking their own gingerbread cookies.  

I assure you, I really appreciated this particular glass of wine as we ate their delicious lunch buffet.

Back at our apartment in the evening, the babysitter came again and Kristoffer and I headed out for Christmas shopping for the minions. We went "off the list" for dinner and that was a mistake.  We had not a great meal, but did have a lovely evening out at the Waterfront - we love that place! - and it was fun to buy Christmas presents for the kids.  Although we could have stayed there for weeks more to check out more playgrounds!  More restaurants!  More shopping (for ourselves! That would have been nice, but my stomach bug killed that night!)...the next morning we had to pack up to leave the Green Point neighborhood of Cape Town and head to some new places. Wait for it...!


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