Sunday, August 9, 2015

August 9, 2015 - Summer Trip Part 2: Denmark!

Our time in Denmark was much shorter - really only 9 days - so we didn't get to do quite as many things.  And the weather was, well, Danish.  But we did love more time with COUSINS (yes!) and strawberry picking and other family time and LEGOLAND! Farmor and Hans also gave Mama and Far a day out and, needless to say, the kids loved their day of being spoiled without us around.  There was one slightly sprained wrist on the trampoline, but Grace bounced back (pun intended) pretty well from that.  We're sorry that there were so many people we didn't see this time time we will try to stay a bit longer! And we're sorry that we didn't take quite as many pictures in Denmark either - I think maybe towards the end of our trip we were running out of steam just a bit!


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