Sunday, August 9, 2015

August 9, 2015 - Summer Trip Part 1: America!

In July we left Dar for 5 weeks of travel (which at least partially explains my crazy-long blog absence).  The first 3 1/2 weeks were in America!  It was one of our best trips home yet - mostly great weather and great family time!  We were much more active than we usually are when we go home for Christmas (big holiday and very, very, very cold = mostly indoors!).  I will try to let the (many) pictures speak for themselves, but some of the highlights were:  kids pirate ship cruise, 4th of July parade and fireworks (and getting to go up into some fire trucks!), whale watch (we saw 7 different from 3 different species), Red Sox game (no kids!), U2 Concert (no kids!), kids first movie theather experience (Minions!), making SMORES over a backyard fire with a talented cousin playing guitar in the background, visiting a dinosaur park (with amazing splash pad and playground!), visiting friends in CT and NJ (some professional photos included below thanks to Omar!), a birthday weekend getaway for me with almost ALL of my long-time girlfriends in Boston, and just so much wonderful time with my parents and siblings (only we didn't get to see Christine and her family).  There are few things that my kids love as much as spending time with their COUSINS, so that was a wonderful gift.  Thanks to everyone who spent time with us, and a special thanks to my parents who always make everything possible when we are home!  


 (Below is my favorite picture of the whole trip!  Carrie snapped it of our family just at the exact moment that an INCREDIBLY loud fire siren blared and you can see all of us (except maybe Kristoffer?) reacted to that crazy loud sound in some way!)

  (Grace made us this sign in the hopes of seeing us on TV holding it up!  We really tried!)

(I grew up with the Red Sox starting catcher!  It was very cool to watch him play! Go Hani!)
 U2 - check that off the bucket list!

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