Monday, August 10, 2015

August 10, 2015 - First Day of First Grade

It's hard to believe that our Super Girl is in First Grade, but it's true! While she was a little bit disappointed not to be in a class with her three favorite friends (who she requested to be with...hmmm...), she took the news pretty well and took some comfort in having 4 other kids from last year's class with her (even if they weren't her besties).  She did not miss a beat when we got to school this morning at 6:35.  She found two friends on the playground and it was pretty quickly, "Mama and Far, who??" Her teacher Ms. Jillian, who we think is Australian, seemed very nice but we didn't get so much information this first day.  In a couple of weeks there will be a parent meeting where we get to know her a little better I hope.  Grace was especially fascinated by the classroom "star chart" which is a behavior/kindness reward/modification system her teacher uses.  A few kids in her class already got stars today, but Grace did not so she has something to strive for.  As always, I was so excited for Grace to be reaching another milestone but also feeling so flabbergasted by the quick passage of time (thank goodness we still have a little one...but even she isn't THAT little anymore! More on that later...).  

Grace, we're wishing you a fun and interesting year, full of yellow stars!

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