Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April 15, 2015 - Belated Easter

Better late than never?

This might go down in history as the least documented family holiday we've ever had.  Literally.  And what was documented was done so quite poorly. Our Canon camera battery died and I couldn't find the charger (of course) and then some water got under the screen of my iPhone case (which I didn't know) and I couldn't get it to work (you'll notice a picture below of me holding my phone in such a way - I kept sliding or typing and nothing was happening! ARGH!).  Sigh, this was a bummer because it was Aya's first Easter.  

But the kids woke up to the Easter Bunny having visited.  The Easter Bunny was pretty tricky this year (the kids didn't like that SO much) and, in fact, there weren't soooo many eggs to hunt for because maybe the Easter Bunny's shipment of plastic eggs did not arrive to Tanzania via courier as expected.  But anyway...the morning was nice and we got ready for a big brunch with 4 other families that we hosted at our house.  I missed going to church, as I do.  

The brunch was supposed to be pot-luck and super casual - both of those things came true.  It was also just a bit louder than we expected, but honestly, what were we thinking?!  13 adults, 8 kids and 3 babies!  LOUD!  But it was fun and nice to be with our "Dar family" for the holiday to make it seem less like every other Sunday.  I was super nostalgic for last Easter which happened right after Kristoffer, Grace, and Noah arrived in Boston and with my family and was the day before Aya's birthday.  I was pretty much unknowingly in labor that day - I was super uncomfortable, and yet I remember it as a really great holiday.

So anyway, with our brunch bunch we also did an Easter egg hunt outside and Grace and Noah decorated a fantastic Easter Bunny cake (no, it did not look like the one on Pinterest, but had WAY more character...don't you think?).   It was a nice day!

No more holidays to look forward to until 4th of July.  By hook or by crook, we are determined to somehow be in America for it this year (first time in 6 years!).  Can't wait for that!


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