Sunday, March 8, 2015

March 8, 2015 - "Frozen" in Dar

Yesterday was Grace's sixth birthday party!  There was a lot of hype leading up to this "event" ;)  It was a great day and she was a happy (if also a bit bossy) birthday girl...we all had a lot of fun, but Kristoffer and I are also glad it's over. Having Christmas and two birthdays all in a row tires us out and we all need a break from presents and treats I think!  So...Grace wanted an "Elsa" birthday party.  She's pretty dismissive of the other "Frozen" sister (Anna) but we managed to sneak a lot of "snow" and "Olaf" into the day too.

First...the setup! We haven't done themed food in the past, but this time we tried a little bit.  We had less  cooked food than at Noah's birthday because a lot of that kind of stuff did not get eaten.  We mostly stuck to basics that we knew the kids would like.

 Forest Trolls (Chicken and Apple Meatballs)
 Puffed Snow (Popcorn)
 Mixed Snow Men (marshmallows, raisins, pretzels, carrots!)
 Snowflake and Snowmen Cookies
(our cook baked the cookies for me, I did the decorating)
 Marshmallow Pops - my big achievement!  
Displayed to look like flowers in vases...these marshmallows were dipped in white chocolate and then coated in Elsa-blue sprinkles.  The kids loved them and all 30 of them were devoured!

We also had some Olaf posters ready for a fun photo shoot.
 And our "go-to" for all kid parties...coloring/craft stations!  If there is ever down time, or an activity that somebody doesn't want to participate in, there is always this fall back to color or create.

We thought tt was also cute (and slightly educational) to have a "snowball" estimation jar.  All of the kindergarten classes at Grace's school have an estimation jar  (not sure if it's daily or weekly?) so I thought they might like guessing the cotton balls in the jar.  Unfortunately, later in the day someone knocked over the jar and it shattered into a million pieces (note to self: next time use a plastic jar!) and then we forgot to check to see whose estimate was the closest.  So it was a great idea, if not perfectly executed.
Our little Elsa...this is probably the "girliest" you've ever seen Grace! She is usually wearing dinosaurs or dragons or TMNT t-shirts with leggings.  She looked pretty and was very eager to open her presents!

How many Elsa's came to Grace's party? 
I believe there were 5 (out of 13 kids)!  Here some of them were estimating...
Then came many "snowball" games!  My parents gave Grace a bucket of "snowballs" for her birthday...and they were a perfect way to focus our party activities.  
We had them knocking down cup towers with the snowballs...

...and they had to buddy up to throw the "snowballs" in the Frozen party hats!

Then we had our "Olaf" photo shoot!  
After each person got their picture taken as Olaf, everyone threw "snowballs" at them!  
They had a great time!
(just a few out of the 13 Olaf shots below...)

There were many spontaneous snowball fights, and lots of creative play in our playroom.  We discovered how LOUD and ENERGETIC a group of 6-year-olds can be!  And we have a new respect for Grace's teacher.
How many Elsa's can you fit in one trampoline?

Then came the usual treasure hunt (our kids consider this mandatory!).  
Kristoffer always get pretty creative!

Just after the treasure hunt the estimation jar got broken and I had to clean it up instead of taking pictures of the hunt.  I don't even know where they ended up finding their goodie bags!  But this smile on Grace's face tells me she was pretty happy about it :)
We finished with a beautiful Elsa cake (hired out! not homemade!) that tasted delicious too!

Woosh - there were even some more "snowball" fights as people were going home...we were exhausted!  But the birthday girl seemed pleased with how everything turned out, and she was very appreciative of our efforts ("Great job, Mama!" she told me).  Lest you think we completely forgot our third child, that is only partially true.  She was with Oliver the whole time - at the party, but on the sidelines.  There was so much chaos that I think she would have been easily trampled, and there was so much stuff on the floor by the end of the party that it wasn't a super safe baby place!  But once most people left and she was set free, she was incredibly happy to be moving about on her own! Her first birthday is next on our list...but not until the end of April!

Once again, happy birthday to our Gracie...who said to me this morning at 7 am..."I am a little stressed because I just can't decide what kind of party I want to have when I turn 7!"  You will not be surprised that I immediately kicked her out of my room!  EEK!



Anonymous said...

Where in Dar did u found the cake? My daughter will love one like that for her birthday!


The Welsien Family said...

Hi Martina - her name is Deborah Pirazzini and she has a cake business called Crem Caramel. I am not sure if she has a facebook page for her cakes, but you can look her up by name or one of the Dar facebook groups.