Thursday, February 26, 2015

February 26, 2015 - Our Girl

She did it again.  Aged another year.  God bless our girl! 

Kristoffer was away last night for work and Grace LITERALLY could not sleep.  From 10 pm to 2 am she came in to my room (where Aya was also sleeping because her room was painted yesterday) every 20 minutes.  Every. 20. Minutes.  I finally had to threaten her - sorry! - that she couldn't go to school if she came out of her room again because she would just be too tired to celebrate her birthday.  She had even been dragging Noah out of bed to come in with her a few times.  So they both slept from 2-5:15am and then we began her birthday celebration.  Of course Aya was also awake since 4 am. So basically, I've been a ZOMBIE for all of Grace's birthday...but even that didn't stop me from feel nostalgic and sentimental and emotional that my first born is closer to 10 than she is to 1! Eek!  

Let's the age of 6 years...Grace:
  • Loves Dinosaurs, Dragons and Elsa
  • Still wants to be a paleontologist
  • Thrives on being a big sister
  • Has a lot of friends but struggles to consistently communicate kindly and balance different relationships well
  • Is an eager learner
  • Has an infectious laugh
  • Is often very empathetic...and sometimes forgets (but more of the former, so that's good)
  • Is becoming a more adventurous (or at least slightly less picky) eater
  • Is our very best sleeper and go-to-sleeper 
  • Is very creative - drawing, singing, building!
  • Has one heckuva memory
  • Loves to swim
  • Amazes us, everyday!
  • Is not a girly girl - but is also not quite a tom-boy.  She is uniquely herself.  So impressive!

...and so much more that I am too tired to remember!  But wow, is she a cool girl.  And boy, do we love her.

I was horrible photographer today (holding a baby, running subject, etc), but below are the least horrible of the lot. I tried to stalk her throughout her day as much as possible. Enjoy our girl as much as we do!  Happy Birthday, Gracie!

A very tired, slightly weepy, 

 (the picture below is just to prove that Aya was there too!)

 (the picture below is to prove that it was a hard day for some people!)

 (birthday morning phone call from Far!)

 (kid decorated cupcakes for school!)

 (Swimming lessons at school every Thursday! How lucky that she got to swim on her birthday!)

 Winding down...
 We can't end a birthday without building Lego in this house!

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