Sunday, February 15, 2015

February 15, 2015 - Busy, Busy, Busy

February has been a really busy month for us! 

First we had wonderful visitors!  Kristoffer's cousins, Aja (The original Aja, actually! Yes! pronounced the same as our Aya!), and her son, Mads, came to visit us for some days before going on a Tanzanian safari.  The very sad news is that Mads got sick with a bacterial infection in his throat (Brought from Denmark? Acquired on the airplane? Picked it up within his first few hours in Dar?  We'll never know!) which meant that their visit in Dar was pretty low-key, their safari was delayed, and maybe they were quite ready to go home when the time came!  

We felt SOOOO bad (still do!) that it was not a perfect trip for them and that Mads had to see a doctor 4 times!  EEEK!  But we really loved having them even though it wasn't ideal, and we hope that with some time they will only remember the good parts of their trip (he got to see a hyena, which he REALLY wanted to see!) and not all of the antibiotics.  I think the best part of their visit (for us) was just how well Mads, Grace and Noah played together!  We love any time our kids have access to cousins or any the fact that these three just played and played for days was a wonderful treat!
Aja & Aya
Star Wars & Legos were great interests the kids had in common!

While Aja was visiting, I was also started a two-week work project...invigilating (fancy word for proctoring!) mock IB exams at IST.  This was my third year giving these is a little bit busy (lots of organization, which I love) and a little bit boring (watching 67 kids take hours of exams for 2 weeks!) and happens two times a year.  The real IB - International Baccalaureate - exams are in May so twice a year I have a super busy schedule and then in between I am just a regular on-again-off-again substitute.  

Factor in some of the usual medical issues that our family faces (mostly mine this time around!) and add one baby who usually wakes up 2 times a night but sometimes wakes up 5 times a night...and well, I'm just plain tired.  So that's why I broke my NYR to blog more - all spare time must be used for SLEEPING.   But now that the exams are over I hope to give it another shot.  

While the kids are off school next week Kristoffer, Aya and I will be making a quick overnight trip to Nairobi. Oliver will stay at our house overnight with Grace and Noah - we've only done that one other time with Rose.  The kids seems totally cool about it...let's hope all goes smoothly.  More on our trip later, but I keep thinking how weird it will be to go BACK THERE AGAIN after more than 3 years away.  I hope to have a few reflections on my return to Nairobi (just remembered that Kristoffer has gone for work...)...I suspect it has, and we have!, changed quite a bit.  
Thanks for checking in!

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