Friday, February 13, 2015

February 13, 2015 - This Year's Fastelavn

Fastelavn is a Nordic, especially a Danish, tradition that involves kids dressing up in costumes and hitting a barrel/pinata for goodie bags.  A simple-minded American like myself might think of it as the "Danish Halloween."  And today was the day!

Noah was insanely cute in full costume as Darth Vader, including black winter gloves and black socks in 95F weather [No, that is not an exaggeration.  That was the temperature.  I checked!]. My favorite part of the whole event was when he first got into his costume ALL of the kids in his class were so amazed.  They were telling him how cool it was and asking to try on his helmet, try his light saber, press the "buttons".  I could tell by the look on his face that this otherwise little-bit-of-a-loner really FELT cool.  He told me, "Everybody loves my costume the most!  Can you believe it?!"  So the thick layer of sweat covering his whole body was worth it for that moment when the world was his oyster.

He even tried bobbing for apples!

When I just flashed back to last year's Fastelavn I realized that Grace is wearing the exact same "costume" (literally...just different leggings!).  Hmmm...not very creative on our part, but I encouraged her to try something new (Elsa, anyone?) and she just insisted that she could only be a dragon.  At least you can compare the pictures and see that she has grown!

When I think back to last year's party, it was hot, I was "very" pregnant, it was the day before Grace's birthday party, and I was really hoping to not go into premature labor before I got to Boston.  How quickly that year has gone!

And I know, I know...what about my New Year's Resolution to blog more!  Well, we had a good run in January, didn't we?  More on that tomorrow...


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