Sunday, January 4, 2015

January 4, 2015 - Home Again

Sometimes after doing long-haul international travel with kids, I feel like we deserve some kind of a huge reward, because even at it's smoothest and "easiest" - which yesterday was! - it is still just absolutely exhausting. I guess the reward is that our kids are, and maybe always will be, really great travelers.  They love packing up, they are great at saying goodbye, they (the big kids, that is) are great at putting themselves to sleep, they watch shows or play the iPad as easily as most kids.  They don't even complain at middle of the night wake ups to go to the airport - they just TALK the whole drive there (right, Farmor and Hans?).  Towards the end of our very long day yesterday they did get a bit antsy of course - we ALL did - but no major problems at all and, in fact, they were both very helpful entertaining Aya - who we hope will someday be a great traveler but right now still falls into the "undecided" category as a curious, active, not-prone-to-sleeping-when-she-should baby.  

We are tired, but it's nice to be in our house after 3 great weeks of seeing so many people we love in Denmark.  Thanks to all who took the time to see us and so sorry to those of you we might have missed this time around. A special thank you to Farmor and Hans, who were as accommodating as ever and, as always, really make us feel at home-away-from-home when we visit.  We know it is really hard work to have our family for so long, so we hope you can have a restful month of January to recover ;)

Kids are all asleep now, and it's back to school tomorrow!  Let's see what Life in Dar has in store for us this year!


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Cait Fitz said...

Welcome home! Hope you catch up on zzzs soon!