Thursday, January 29, 2015

January 29, 2015 - More Milestones

This week Grace lost her first tooth!  The new tooth had already come up behind it and we were just waiting for the little one to come out.  How did she manage?  She was trying to pull apart some small Legos and used her teeth to bite thing she knew the Legos were covered in blood and her tooth was in her hand!  It was very incongruous to see a very bloody, but smiling, mouth!  The tooth fairy managed a visit that very Grace is just using her tongue to try and loosen more teeth!

Aya, who since her fever last week has been sleeping HORRIBLY again (hours of crying at night, waking up every couple of hours, ack!) and wanting to almost exclusively nurse, has been very busy on the developmental front.  This week she has really been trying more and more to stand on her own, she is also waving sometimes for hello and sometimes for goodbye (no consistency yet!), and today she called me Mama!  Last night actually - during a very long session of inconsolable crying (new teeth possibly?) - she was saying "Mama...Mama...Mama" and Kristoffer thought she was asking for me.  But I've just heard her make the sound without necessarily meaning me for the last few weeks so I wasn't sure.  But this morning she crawled right to me saying "Mama!"  It was awesome and almost made up for all of the sleep I have not gotten lately.  I'm telling you...when it comes to our babies and sleep...let's just say it's a good thing they are (or were) so cute!

We have a few sickies in the house still...Aya is at the tail end (I hope) of her virus but Noah and Kristoffer picked it up so are a bit under the weather.  But we are so excited to welcome Kristoffer's cousins Aja (same pronounciation) and her son Mads who will visit us for 4 days before going on safari next week.  We hope our immune systems will rally and that we'll have a great Dar weekend.

I wonder what milestones will be next!?

*Edited to include that Aya is also playing peek-a-boo a lot these days (hiding herself and finding others), has gotten really good at bending down to pick up something while holding on to furniture with one hand and then popping back up again, and she kneels quite a lot.  Should we take bets on when she'll be standing on her own or walking?

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