Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26, 2015 - The Dark Side

Yesterday was Noah's Birthday Party! 

I tried to get what I could in the US back in November to help with our Darth Vader theme.  Otherwise, Dar is always a challenge to go too crazy because of what's (not) available.  I think it turned out to be fun for Noah and his (and Grace's) friends.  He even invited many teachers from his school and 3 of them came!  

For food we set up half the table with healthy snacks (the light side) and half the table for less healthy options/treats (the dark side).  At the very least, Kristoffer and I thought this was very funny.
 The Star Wars coloring station, before the kids arrived...
 Light Sabers and Star Wars Masks for all!
 Noah was inititally wearing his full Darth Vader costume, but gosh it's hot where we live so that did not last even until the party started.  He went with a paper Vader mask instead.
 We started off with light sabers and balloons - trying to keep them up in the air...

 ...which turned into a full out light saber war against Far!
 Noah enjoyed opening up some really great presents!

 During some down time there was a lot of coloring...
 Then we had a big Lego tower building contest.  Grown ups first!  While the Imperial March from Star Wars played in the background, they had to build as high as they could!
 Kids were not supposed to be helping, but that was hard to control!

 In the end, Noah's teachers from Nordic School won!
 Then the kids also had a contest - it was really loud and fun!  Luckily, Noah was on the "winning" team and at the end he received a treasure map to go on a treasure hunt for goodie bags.
 The kids followed him allll around our house and compound searching for photo clues...

 In the end they had to put together a phote puzzle to find the final location of the treasure.

 We ended with Noah's second Darth Vader cake of the week (had to get my money's worth from the cake pan I bought!) and Noah enjoyed another round of birthday songs in 3 different languages (see the video below for a snippet of each!).

He was a happy guy and we all had a great day!
(Now we get one month off before Grace's birthday!)

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