Thursday, January 22, 2015

January 22, 2015 - Noah's Fourth Birthday!

And then suddenly! This little baby, our sweet Noah Dean, was 4 years old.

The day started around 5:15 am.  We had a full family party before Grace left for school at 6:30 am. Noah was VERY happy with many, many, many Darth Vader and Star Wars and Lego presents.  He did not like his pirate costume and told me I should give it to someone else.  He loved the little Toothless dragon from Grace.  He loved some new TMNT gear. He ate "dinosaur oatmeal" from America for breakfast :)

Noah brought a big watermelon to school to share with class at snack time.  He got to raise the Danish flag and was sung to in 4 different languages by all of the teachers and children.  He was extremely shy and kept his back turned away from them, but he was singing along and smiling to himself. Far went to work late to be there - definitely a highlight for Noah.

I went back to school in the afternoon with a Darth Vader cake - practice for his party on Sunday - and he was sung to again, this time in 3 languages (he stuck with Danish, Swedish and English but ditched the Norwegian).  

Back at home, Grace decided to skip her after-school program to spend time with her birthday brother.  I thought that was very sweet.  They watched a Lego Star Wars DVD that Noah received and they played with some of his new toys, read his new books, ate popcorn together.  It was lovely.  They got to decorate their own cupcakes for after dinner, and as I type this they are up past their bedtime playing Legos and having an absolutely wonderful time.  So far, life is good on the other side of 3. 

As for this sentimental Mama...the highlight of my day was when Noah's class was singing to him at cake time.  I was next to him and at some point during the singing, he just put his hand on top of mine and looked at me with a little twinkle in his eye. It was the sweetest if he could feel my emotion and acknowledged, "I know, Mama.  I am growing up quickly.  But I'm still yours."  I will never forget it.

We love you, our sweet Noah.  We hope all of your birthdays make you this happy and that you are always this sweet.  Have a wonderful year!


Cait Fitz said...

Oh gosh, his GRIN! Happy Birthday!!

Cait Fitz said...

OH gosh, his grin! Happy Birthday!