Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January 21, 2015 - Three Quarters

Oh man!  Enter every cliche written about the quick passage of time here.  I just can't believe she is 9 months old (but that pales in comparison to Noah's 4 years tomorrow!).  Aya now sports two center bottom teeth.  She is a pretty good eater, enjoying things she can hold herself the most (regardless of how much she consumes).  Her sleeping has improved A LOT...two nights this week she only woke up once and that was after an 8 hour stretch!  Woo hoo!  I already feel so much more human because of it, and started back as a substitute teacher at IST today.  She is also transitioning to two naps instead of  three (maybe that is helping with the night sleeping?).

Aya can now cruise furniture as fast as she can crawl, and she prefers to be standing up when possible. I think we will soon see her getting more independent with standing and then taking some steps.  I saw her try to go from her little music table to the sofa by herself (didn't work at all, but she wasn't afraid to try!).  She remains a very big fan of Grace and Noah.  She shows a lot of interest in her Far when he comes home from work.  When she sees Oliver, our housekeeper/nanny, in the morning she gets REALLY excited.  And then when she sees me if I have been away she gets REALLY excited again.  It's just the best.

Aya gets weighed and measured at a doctor's appointment next week, but we believe she is growing really well.  She is trying to mimic sounds (see one of the videos below) and makes sounds that sounds like "HI" and "MAMA" even though I know she isn't saying them on purpose or to me specifically.  She loves animals - our compound has a cat that she just adores, and any time she sees a dog she gets really happy.  Aya still loves her bath and enjoys being in the swimming pool as well.  She loves music and is working on her dance moves :) I had forgotten what a fun, sweet age this is.  She has a true, emerging personality...and we enjoy her a lot.

It's (only?) been 9 months of our gorgeous girl...but it's also pretty hard to remember when she wasn't part of our family.  Have a look...

 (tried to get her with her best friend, but Oliver remained camera shy!)

Here are some videos of our sweet, silly girl in the past week.  She's irresistible!



Cait Fitz said...

What a beautiful baby :) The third one goes so much faster than the other two. Enjoy it! My baby is three :(

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