Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December 31, 2014 - Happy New Year/Godt Nytår

While it was not a great year for me in terms of blogging, but our family did have a lot going on in 2014.  Our biggest change was the arrival of Aya Karen!  Clearly the year's highlight and a wonderful gift to all of us.  But since then we've also been pretty tired and hope that in the new year she will let us a get a little more sleep.  In 2015, I think our biggest wish would be to relocate our family out of Africa and back to either the US or Denmark.  No - that is not an announcement of any kind - just a wish for the new year.  We'll certainly try to make it happen any way.  After 7 years in East Africa, I think we're finally ready to try something new!

My resolutions for 2015 are to do MORE:  blogging, sleeping, exercising, and problem solving.  I would like to be more patient, more productive, more kind, and more "in the moment".

My resolutions are also to do LESS:  complaining, time-wasting, and internet-ing. I would like to be less tired (ok, maybe already mentioned that one), less far away from our families, less whiny, and less distracted.

Everyone else is sleeping right now or getting ready for tonight's new year festivities.  But Aya is with me now and she says: gee gee gee gee...mamamamamam...aslkdhsgkjhalk...ack ack ack.

We are counting the many blessings of this year and looking forward to what next year has in store for us.  Here's hoping you're doing the same.

With love and good cheer...Happy New Year!

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Cait Fitz said...

Happy New Year to you and yours! I'd like more sleep, too. Hope we both find it in the new year :)