Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December 30, 2014 (belated) - More Merry

Some more sort of random, but lovely, pictures of our post-Christmas days. I should say that most of these pictures come from Hans because we just haven't been taking any!  (terrible, our poor 3rd child!) Kristoffer and I actually took Aya to Copenhagen for a couple of days without the big kids...they stayed home with Farmor and Hans to have a lot of fun and we got to visit some friends we really missed.  No pictures to prove it, but we had a great time seeing Malene & Casper from Nairobi (with Silas, Julius and new baby Marie), Anne & Soren (with new baby Jonathon), and Morten & Linette.  Thank goodness for dear friends - even if you haven't seen them in years!  

(frost angels?)
 Aya loves Farmor's Giraffe!

We will miss these Danish days when we head back to Dar on Saturday.  We might not miss our colds/coughs...but if they would just go away, we could find out!


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