Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December 25, 2014 (belated) - Merry Christmas / Glædelig Jul

Here we go - a VERY big Christmas blog!

Leading up to to Christmas with visited and had visits from different cousins and it was so much fun!

 Lego time for the kid cousins...
Lego time for the big cousins...
 Pakke leg (present game!)

 Baking and playing and decorating and cuddling...

And then for Christmas Eve/ much fun, so much food, so much laughter, so many presents!  It was just SO MUCH!
Aya's First Christmas!

 A new favorite picture of these two...

(this was the best one we could get of all 5!)

 Dancing around the beautiful Christmas tree.

 Aya loved it! Such a first-timer :)

 Grace's gift highlight - her Toothless Dragon from Farmor and Hans!

 Noah's gift highlight - his Darth Vader Costume from Uncle Mark, Aunt Carrie, Matthew and Nathan!

 Aya's gift highlight - her Aya puzzle from Mama and Far!

 Other favorites...

And Farmor and Hans loved the pictures of the 9 of us (Rasmus' family and Kristoffer's family) and of the 5 kids that we had taken before Christmas.
Before going to bed - at like 11 pm! - Noah wanted an evening snack.  Eating duck!  That was a first!
 The stockings were hung on the coat rack with care...(this was actually an after shot)...
And Grace left a thoughtful note for Santa.
(translation:  Dear Santa - We wish you a Merry Christmas. Here are your cookies and carrots for your reindeer. Love Grace Noah Aya)
In the morning Santa had left a few presents for the of all Benny's Spaceship from the Lego Movie!
 (it was unclear whether this gift was for Far or the big they share...)
Christmas morning, happy baby!
At a very festive Christmas lunch, I was encouraged to drink traditional Danish schnapps.  
After all these years, still not my favorite...
And Kristoffer ate fish! 
But mostly drank (and drank) a lot of Schnapps.  It was really a crazy day!
Even Aya was silly at the table :)
Happy Guys!
 Post-Christmas living room.  Looks like yours did too, right?

What a wonderful Christmas it was! Especially for Aya's First Christmas.  Thank you to Farmor and Hans for making it possible.  Merry merry to all!

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