Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December 21, 2014 (belated) - Eight (Months) is Great

Leading up to Aya's 8 month birthday, she took her 7th and 8th international flights - this time from Dar es Salaam to Billund, Denmark via Amsterdam.  She did really well and was a very pleasant traveler.  Arriving in Denmark she had to get used to being bundled up - not really her favorite thing when she is used to crawling around in only a diaper or onesie!  It was a wonderful welcome from Farmor and Hans, and we were almost immediately Christmas tree shopping!

She turned 8 months when we visiting Uncle Rasmus, Tante Jytte, Nikoline & Josefine in their beautiful new house.  Mama was clever enough to remember her "birthday sign" but not clever enough to remember any chalk.  

Aya is changing so quickly.  Her crawling speed is really fast and she is properly cruising on her own now, even showing more interest in walking...although keeping her feet flat is a challenge.  Like her Mama (and Noah!), she likes to be up on her tippy toes.  She is still pretty awesome in all ways except for sleeping at night.  We hope to take corrective measures in the new year once we are back in Dar and don't have a cold or jet lag or a crazy traveling schedule, etc.  It will be a major and positive improvement in all of our lives to get some more sleep at a night!  Aya is obviously still growing well - she prefers to be fed or self-feed finger food...she is not so thrilled with the spoon or smooth purees.  All signs indicate that she will be a very independent little girl, as she hits away your hand or arm when you are trying to help her do something she wants to do for herself.  She has the most amazing baby laugh - I swear I could listen to it all day.  She adores Grace and Noah, but also seems really comfortable meeting new people and in new settings.  Our go-with-the-flow kind of girl ;)

As we're in the last third of her first year now - it just seems to go by more and more quickly with each child.  She's our charming little love for sure.

And on the same day as Aya turned 8 months old, her brother got a big gash on his head that required a quick trip to the emergency room.  No stitches required this time around - just some steri-strips, thank goodness, and a reminder that it will probably not be our last trip there with our little Daredevil (who was trying to reach his cousin's stash of bubble gum when he fell!).  I'm hoping this is one area in which Aya feels absolutely no need to be like her big brother!


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