Thursday, December 11, 2014

December 11, 2014 - Holiday Updates

I could start with a lack-of-blogging apology, but really that is just the status quo these days so what's the use?!  Instead, I'll start with a correction...when looking over some papers the other day I found Aya's report from seeing the pediatrician in the US and her stats are way more impressive than I reported.  She is actually 65%tile for height and 80%tile for weight!  The big kids never had such numbers so I feel I short-changed her a little bit by not reporting them accurately.  The numbers now make much more sense when compared to her thighs :)  She is strong, healthy and our most active little one for sure.  Some people are placing bets that she'll walk much earlier than her siblings, but this Mama is in no rush for that!

The rest of our trip to America was great, despite our colds and Aya's permanent sleep issues.  We spent time with both of my sisters, got a lot of shopping done, visited with just a few dear friends, and enjoyed a really nice day with my family on Thanksgiving.  I was too busy enjoying to take many pictures, but here are a few of Aya's First American Thanksgiving.

Aya always smiled for Michael...except in this picture (because I was taking it!).

 Auntie Meghan & Patsy
 Uncle Tim teaching Aya all about fine jewelry...
 OK, this might be a crazy picture...but it was a delicious turkey!  It was so nice to be home for it - thanks so much to my parents for giving me such a wonderful day!
 Snuggles with Pops...
 And Pretty Nene!

Meanwhile on the homefront, Grace and Noah had a "Tanzanian Culture" performance at the Nordic school.  Grace loved the drumming, as you can see in the video below.  Noah was too shy for that, but did proudly show off his Tanzanian safari artwork to Kristoffer (sorry, English-speakers...that video is Danish only!).

They also decorated our small tree before Aya and I came home.  
Good practice for the real deal in Denmark!

Aya has just gotten over her jet-lag today - it took the full 8 days (1 day per hour of time difference) which has been tough on me. We're busy packing up and celebrating the holidays here with school parties.  Tomorrow night we'll be off for three weeks of Danish Christmas. We are all very excited - especially for Aya to meet everyone there for the first time.  So much to be excited and thankful for this time of year.  Happy Holidays!


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