Wednesday, November 12, 2014

November 12, 2014 - Where to Begin?

Hi again.  Remember me?  I used to blog here a lot.  Then I had my third beautiful child and somehow she broke the proverbial straw of the camel-blogger's back.  I just can't get my blogging act together!  Sorry!  I think about writing blogs a lot. In my head I start to compose them even.  But if there is a choice between taking a 30 minute nap or writing a blog, the nap is winning every time these days.   Anyway, here is kind of an update of our recent goings-on, just to string you (and myself!) along until I can up my game.

The week of Halloween (right after my last post) and the week after Halloween were very challenging.  Grace became sick on Monday with a very bad headache, a very high fever, and an extremely high white blood cell (WBC) count causing the doctor to diagnose "bacterial infection" and put her on antibiotics.  Her fever - going as high as 104 (40c) and coming down lower than 103 (39.5c) for short stints ONLY with the help of some serious medication - didn't break until Saturday evening.  The initial antibiotics didn't work and the second antibiotics still didn't make a dent in her WBC. She couldn't eat or drink and so became quite dehydrated.  She ended up with an "IV" for three days to receive a third kind of (stronger) antibiotic and fluids for her dehydration.  We were in and out of the clinic - sometimes staying there the whole day! - for 5 days.  She did end up with other symptoms like swollen glands and tonsils, stuffed up or runny nose.  No cough.  No ear infection.  It was so strange.  But she was sad and miserable, and also very cooperative considering all the needles, injections, medications, etc.  It was all very exhausting for her and that is hard to watch in your child when you can't just make it all better very quickly.  Patience with African health scares is not a strength of mine. 

At some point Noah got it, with a concentration in his right ear.  At another point Aya got it, with a concentration on the fever (not as high as Grace's thankfully) and general unhappiness. From the start of Grace's fever to the end of Aya's fever, it was a 10-day "siege" that left me and Kristoffer completely and utterly exhausted.  That could possibly explain why I am now on antibiotics for a sinus infection myself.

Our friends here were extremely concerned and very, very helpful.  We would definitely have been even more stressed without them and without our trusty staff, Oliver and Christopher.  We survived the siege, but not without a few lasting scars.

I would say we are just about recovered from all of that, but now Kristoffer is traveling this week for work so I'm dealing with the night-shift on my own.  Aya is miserable at night - WILL SHE PLEASE JUST GET A TOOTH ALREADY!? - and last night Noah decided to be awake for 2 hours in the middle of the night as well ("Mama, do you want to read some books?" he innocently asked me at 2:30 am.  I'm sure I said something inappropriate but can't remember my actual response.).  

Grace had a sweet musical assembly at school today - I'd love to post a bit about it here, but that will have to wait time (whenever that may be).


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