Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September 9, 2014 - Family Ties

For the past week, we've been actively engaged with Kristoffer's uncle and aunt, Gert and Kitte, who visited us from Denmark after they went on Safari and to Zanzibar.  One week was a perfect amount of time with them because they could see all aspects of our daily life (traffic!  school car pool! hanging out at the beach!) in a relaxed way with no time pressure.  They visited the highlights of Dar including shopping and "new" food (their first time eating Ethiopian!).  They even got to take a bike tour around the city with some great young Tanzanian guys.  In general, all of us loved having more family visit us and they were great guests.  They have many of their own grandchildren so were perfect at being with our kids, and all three of them soaked up the extra attention they received.  We are happy to hear they arrived home safely today - just in time for Kitte's birthday (Tillykke!).  Thanks for coming you two!  See you in December!


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