Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014 - Me Box

Grace's first big school assignment this year was to create a "Me Box".  She could put anything in her box that could describe her (what she loves, who she loves, etc.) and decorate it as she liked as well.  She had to present it to her class a few weeks ago, and then last week all the parents came in for smaller presentations as well.  The box will not stay intact too much longer so I want to make sure to document it before we all forget what was in there, and it is interesting to see the things/symbols she treasures so much.  She was extremely proud of her Me Box, as she is about everything she does in Kindergarten.  We're so happy for Grace that she loves school and is thriving there.

Itemized Me Box (in no particular order):
1. Four flags on the top cover: Tanzania, Kenya, Denmark, USA 
(along with her name "Grace W" and age "5").
2. Swimming certificate.
3. Stuffed elephant from when she was a baby.
4. Small photo book of our extended family that she got for her first Christmas.
5. Family photo after Aya was born.
6. Small photo album of her first year of life.
7. Small photo book of her 5th birthday and birthday party including pictures of all her friends here.
8. A small dragon.
9. A small dinosaur.
10. A small Lego.
11. Her favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.
12. Her favorite book about dinosaurs.
13. A small toy airplane.
14. Her Nordic School "medal" from when she graduate from pre-school.

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