Sunday, September 28, 2014

September 28, 2014 - Going Bananas

The watermelon Aya tasted a couple weeks ago was "unofficial."  But today she officially had food for the first time: mashed bananas.  You can decide for yourself after looking at the video and seeing the pictures below, but I'd say it was a huge success :)  Good job me for putting the date as August instead of September (I guess when she's older we'll just "remember" that she was even more advanced!).  Sorry for Kristoffer who is in Bali for a week for a workshop and missed it (That's right. You heard me. Bali. But at least that explains why my brain got the date wrong - first time solo-parenting 3 kids in Tanzania!), but for some reason today just really seemed like the day she was ready.  Cheers to many more happy meals.  

(P.S. The video at the bottom is probably really boring unless you are Aya's grandparents, but I cut it down to only 2 minutes at least!)

(Note that while Aya was very eager for the food and sat there eating for quite some time, the big smiles were for her big sister sitting across the table!)

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