Monday, August 11, 2014

August 11, 2014 - First Day of School (AKA "Joy")

Today is a special back to school day in our house.  Grace was dropped off at Kindergarten this morning (Nobody cried!) and Noah moved up to the "Kubwa" class at Nordic School.  Both were very, very happy.

Grace:  She had to be woken up at 6 am for a 6:30 sharp departure to not get stuck in Dar's notoriously miserable traffic.  Parents can leave kids at 6:55 for playing, school starts at 7:10 sharp.  I had already been awake since 5 with Aya, but Kristoffer and I were both pretty giddy this morning.  It is a big deal when your child starts formal school!  When I went in to wake up Grace she had already been lying in bed awake waiting for me for a little while.  She was so eager and excited.  Last night we packed her lunch box together and this morning she "organized" her backpack the way she wanted to.  She was wearing her P.E. (physical education) uniform because she has P.E. today (and art!) and was especially happy about her new socks.  She ate a great breakfast and was so happy that both of us were taking her to school today.  Her only stress of the morning came when we had to sit in a few minutes of traffic - "I don't want to be LATE!"  After orientation last week she knew just where to hang her bag and which cubby belonged to her.  She was happy to see a friend who arrived before us, and was also happy to say goodbye to us.  The only anxiety Kristoffer and I had was noticing how many mosquitos were in the classroom...she had been well-sprayed this morning but still!  I can't wait to pick her up later today and hear all about her day.  Our big girl!

With a new haircut, she even styled it herself this morning with her new headband that Mattias brought her from Sweden.
 She might not look like me, but her organized backpack and desire to be on time tell us she's really mine!  The first day of school always makes me miss teaching!
Full P.E. uniform ;)
 With her friend Sia, just before we left her.
A shot with Mattias...they look even more alike now that they have to wear identical clothes!

Noah:  He told me two days ago, "I feel sad for Gracie that she doesn't get to be with me at Nordic School anymore."  If that's not projection, I don't know what is!  But despite his separation anxiety (and accompanying undesireable behavior on occasion this past week), he was a really happy guy when I took him to school this morning.  He got to physically bring his box from the old classroom to the new classroom, and he organized his stuff inside it the way he wanted it.  He was especially happy to be reunited with the moon cars at school and seemed to hit it off really well with a Swedish teacher named Rasmus, the only male teacher at the school (so happy for Noah!).  He told me when I could leave and reminded me to come back and get him later.  What more could I hope for?!  

 Superman shoes?  Check.  Superman shirt?  Check.  Batman backpack (not pictured)?  Check.  Spiderman water bottle (not pictured)?  Check.  It's going to be a SUPER school year!

 Aya: This is her "where did all my people go?" face.

What a great day in the Welsien family!  And with Aya taking a nap as I type this (I should be napping, I know I know), the house has not been this quiet since the beginning of March before I went to America :)


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