Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 30, 2014 - Kid Stories

The kids today...

She just learned to play UNO and this morning, before her friend came over to play, I caught her "organizing" the cards.  Turns out she fixed the deck so that if it was only the two of them playing and SHE dealt the cards, she would get all of the +2 and +4 and Skip and Reverse cards.  "The bad ones" she calls them.  Move over, Ben Affleck!  There's a new cheat in town!

On our Lego table this morning I found this display:
Disturbing!  What does have he have planned for this headless lineup!?

We finally ran out of disposable diapers so today is our first day on reusable cloth diapers.  Oh Pampers, how I took you for granted.  I have already put them on her incorrectly (but she is asleep so I can't wake her up to fix it...God only knows what will happen this round!) and the assembly required to adjust the elastics alone on all of the ones we bought has me hating this decision. I know WHY we decided to do it: good quality diapers are hard to come by here and are very expensive. You can't buy in bulk and there is an unreliable supply.  And unlike US Embassy staff we can't order from Amazon! So purchasing someone else's entire cloth diaper set seemed like (and actually is) a great idea.  But after 5 years of killing our planet with disposable diapers, I think this will be a hard transition to make. 

Just a normal day around here!

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