Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014 - The Green Monster

This weekend we bought (a used) kayak and yesterday Kristoffer and Hans took the kids out for their inaugural trip.  They had a great first experience and we hope will foster a greater love of the water/ocean in them. Kristoffer used to do a lot of kayaking at university so he is thrilled to be back in a boat.

While they were out in the kayak, Aya tried out the ocean for the first time, bathing in some warm tide pools.  Given how much she loves her bath, I suspected she would enjoy it.  She wasn't overly smiley - maybe trying to figure out why she had clothes on? - but she was very calm and relaxed...and afterwards she enjoyed sucking the salt off my shoulder.

I even got a chance to go out in the kayak for a few I just need to strengthen my left shoulder and I'll enjoy it even more.

 I have named our kayak, "The Green Monster," for obvious reasons.
Today they wanted more and could go out from the beach because the tide was up. Farmor also got to have a turn.  

And a new family favorite past time is born!

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Andrea Gavin said...

Sweet photo of Aya! Sorry for the little Grace photobomb. :)